Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum: Exploring Chinese Art and History

Immerse yourself in the rich history and mesmerizing art of China at the Shanghai Museum. Discover ancient artifacts and explore the cultural heritage of this vibrant city.


Shanghai Museum
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Welcome to the Shanghai Museum, a treasure trove of Chinese art and culture. Located in the heart of Shanghai, this world-class museum houses a vast collection of ancient artifacts that span over 5,000 years of history. From exquisite ceramics and sculptures to magnificent paintings and calligraphy, the Shanghai Museum offers a fascinating journey through the rich heritage of China.

The Shanghai Museum: A Historical Overview

The history of the Shanghai Museum dates back to 1952 when it was originally established. However, it was not until 1992 that the museum moved to its current location in People’s Square, a prominent landmark in Shanghai. The building’s distinct design, with its round top and square base, symbolizes the ancient Chinese belief in the harmony between heaven and earth.

The Collections at the Shanghai Museum

At the Shanghai Museum, you’ll find an impressive range of collections that cover various aspects of Chinese art and culture. Here are some highlights:

Ancient Chinese Ceramics

The collection of ancient Chinese ceramics at the Shanghai Museum is one of the finest in the world. From delicate porcelain vases to intricately crafted tea sets, these artifacts showcase the skill and craftsmanship of ancient Chinese artisans.


The museum is also home to a diverse collection of sculptures representing different periods in Chinese history. From Buddhist stone carvings to intricate bronze statues, these sculptures offer a glimpse into the religious and artistic traditions of ancient China.

Paintings and Calligraphy

Chinese paintings and calligraphy are highly regarded as fine art forms. The Shanghai Museum features a remarkable collection of ancient paintings and calligraphy scrolls, showcasing the mastery of renowned artists throughout history.

Shanghai Museum
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Jade Artifacts

Jade has long been revered in Chinese culture for its beauty and symbolism. The museum’s collection of jade artifacts includes intricately carved jewelry, ceremonial objects, and decorative items, reflecting the significance of jade in Chinese society.

Coins and Currency

For those interested in the history of Chinese currency, the Shanghai Museum offers a comprehensive collection of ancient coins and banknotes. These artifacts provide valuable insights into China’s economic and monetary systems throughout the centuries.

Minority Nationalities’ Art

China is a country with diverse ethnic groups, each with a unique artistic tradition. The Shanghai Museum celebrates this diversity by showcasing the art and crafts of minority nationalities, giving visitors a deeper understanding of China’s cultural tapestry.

Must-See Exhibits at the Shanghai Museum

With such a vast collection, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Here are some must-see exhibits at the Shanghai Museum:

Shanghai Museum
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Gallery of Chinese Painting

This gallery houses a stunning collection of traditional Chinese paintings, featuring landscapes, portraits, and historical scenes. The delicate brushstrokes and vibrant colors will transport you to a world of tranquility and beauty.

Hall of Ancient Chinese Sculpture

Step into the Hall of Ancient Chinese Sculpture, and you’ll encounter a remarkable array of Buddhist stone carvings and bronze statues. Marvel at the intricate details and the serene expressions of these timeless artworks.

Hall of Chinese Ancient Bronze

Bronze has played a significant role in Chinese culture throughout history. In this hall, you’ll find a wide range of ancient bronze artifacts, including ritual vessels, weapons, and musical instruments, all showcasing the technological advancements of ancient China.

Gallery of Chinese Calligraphy

The art of calligraphy holds a special place in Chinese culture, and this gallery pays homage to this revered art form. Admire the graceful strokes and expressive characters that make up these masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy.

Jade Gallery

Be mesmerized by the beauty of jade in the Jade Gallery. From intricately carved jewelry to ceremonial objects, this exhibit showcases the versatility and craftsmanship of this precious stone.

Chinese Coin Gallery

Delve into the fascinating world of ancient Chinese currency in the Chinese Coin Gallery. Explore the evolution of coins and banknotes throughout Chinese history, and learn about the economic systems that shaped the country.

Shanghai Museum
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Visiting the Shanghai Museum: Practical Information

Before planning your visit to the Shanghai Museum, here are some practical details to keep in mind:

Opening Hours

The Shanghai Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is closed on Mondays, except for national holidays.


Admission to the Shanghai Museum is free of charge. However, due to its popularity, it is advisable to arrive early to avoid long queues, especially during weekends and holidays.

Audio Guide

To enhance your museum experience, audio guides are available for rent at the entrance. These guides provide detailed information about the exhibits in multiple languages, including English.

Guided Tours

If you prefer a more immersive experience, guided tours are available at scheduled times throughout the day. These tours offer insightful commentary and a deeper understanding of the museum’s collections. Advanced booking is recommended.


The Shanghai Museum is equipped with facilities to accommodate visitors with disabilities. Wheelchairs and ramps are available upon request, and designated parking spaces are provided for those with mobility challenges.


A visit to the Shanghai Museum is an enriching experience that will transport you back in time to discover the wonders of ancient Chinese art and culture. From delicate ceramics and exquisite paintings to intricate sculptures and ancient coins, this world-class museum offers a captivating journey through the history and heritage of China. Plan your visit, immerse yourself in the beauty of the exhibits, and embark on a cultural adventure like no other.


Can I take photos inside the Shanghai Museum?

Yes, photography is allowed inside the Shanghai Museum. However, flash photography and the use of tripods or selfie sticks are prohibited to ensure the preservation of the artifacts.

Are there any restrictions on what I can bring inside the museum?

To protect the exhibits, food and beverages are not allowed inside the Shanghai Museum. Additionally, large bags or backpacks may need to be stored in the cloakroom before entering.

Is there a gift shop at the Shanghai Museum?

Yes, there is a gift shop located within the museum where you can purchase souvenirs, books, and replicas of selected artifacts.

Are there any dining options inside the museum?

The Shanghai Museum does not have a restaurant or cafeteria. However, there are several dining options available in the surrounding area, including restaurants and cafes.

How long does it take to explore the entire museum?

The duration of your visit depends on your level of interest and the depth of exploration. On average, it takes around 2-3 hours to explore the main exhibits thoroughly.

Can I visit the Shanghai Museum with children?

Yes, the Shanghai Museum is a family-friendly attraction. There are interactive exhibits specially designed for children to engage and learn about Chinese art and culture.

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